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Kőkapu Hunting Mansion and Hotel&Apartments

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1. Individual rights:

The owner of the site respects and protects all of the people’s private data, who contact with it either through the web or by publications.

In general we give the opportunity for everybody to browse our website without giving personal informacion before. It is possible, however, from time after time that we need information about You, like your name and e-mail address, but in these cases We intend to let you know beforehand why we need these, and we use it only for the purpose defined. For example this could be during a tendering, or ordering an electrical newsletter. If you decide not to let us contact you with the data given by you, we respect your decision.

2. During our operation we keep in mind the following principles:

Any personal data we have accessed to you, which was not deliberately communicated to us by its owner, will not be retained or resumed. The private data that is consciously handed over to us will be used only for the purposes for which we have been provided it. ( For example, address for delivery or billing, reader questionnaire in accidental form for statistics, or for occasional individual lotteries, etc..) These data will never be passed on to anybody for any purpose on any condition. Data of partners, subscribers, or audiences are only disclosed in a statistically processed form and for unique identifiers, and we do not deal with such topics in any way that would go beyond any public interest in the publisher's publicity.

The owner of the site, the private data kept is protected by all the methods that are to be expected not to be given to anyone partially or entirely unauthorized. We collect automatically generating information about visitors to our website: Visitor's IP address, domain name, visit date, viewed pages, used browser - but we are processing this information solely for analysis to track trends and statistical information and then destroy them.

Our site may contain links to other websites. We are not responsible for the personality data processed or content of these websites.

3. General rule

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4. Copyright

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